Unemployed in LA is very different from unemployment anywhere else.  It’s just so…the norm.

Let’s start calling it “employed-ish”

Just about half the people I know are employed-ish.  Employed-ish covers any number of different situations: freelancing, owning a business, working from the “home office,” working on spec, on hiatus (the real kind), anyone who goes to auditions on a regular basis, and countless other scenarios.

Basically - anyone who has the time to hop in a car on a Thursday afternoon and head to Santa Barbara, but also has the money to pay for said car and said trip, is employed-ish.

I’m new to this.  I was one of the weirdos that had a full time job in LA, enviously drove past Joan’s on 3rd or Urth on the way to meetings, and  constantly wondered “what do those people do that they can be lounging at 3PM on a Tuesday, eating $18 side salads in $100 fedoras?  Sigh.  I can’t even pull off hats.”

I’m on a mission to become successfully Employed-ish…minus the fedora.  I still can’t pull off hats.