Funemployment: Pros and Cons of the Day

Every now and then I like to list a few pros and cons of Funemployment for myself, just to make sure I’m aware of it’s complete bliss/destruction. ┬áThere are some huge, obvious pros (pursuing dream career, option to work in a bathrobe), and some persistent cons (lack of salary…ok that’s all I’m coming up with). It will be the little things that really determine whether I should remain funemployed or try to get myself jobbed up.

Today’s little things:


Can take a half hour to run in the middle of the day (time I spent on a coffee break during real employment), and go back to work in the “office” while still sweaty.

Can leave “office” for happy hour with out of town friend without feeling any sort of guilt or reason to give excuse, and will be happy to return to “office” to write later.

No one steals my Diet Cokes from the refrigerator.

I can toast my freshly made sandwiches in the oven. No need to wait for a delivery man!


When I run out of Diet Coke, I can’t steal anyone else’s from the refrigerator.

…I just keep coming back to that lack of salary.