Time to Put my Game Face On

During an afternoon of browsing the internet writing, I came across a surprising fact.  According to a recent study published in The Daily Mail, 7 out of 10 women put make up on before they go to the gym.  This concerns me for three reasons.  1.) Is this what we’re really studying now? 2.) Have you seen what sweat does to make up? As someone who has definitely gone to the gym in last night’s make up, let me tell you the end results are downright terrifying. 3.) (The most selfish and therefore the most important): This “study” made me think about it, and I realized this whole Funemployment thing has turned me into the type of person that doesn’t wear make up.

Before you all send me pictures of celebrities “bravely” posing for photos without their makeup (I would be “brave” too if I had regular facials, a moisture routine monitored by a team, and - ya know - looked like a celebrity), I agree that women should not feel pressure to wear makeup all the time - or ever - if they don’t want to. It’s a really weird reason to get ridiculed (let’s focus, instead, on the return of floral print leggings). My concern has much less to do with personal vanity, and more to do with sticking with the habits I held that were expected of a successful professional. I used to apply makeup ritually to get ready for a productive day; days without makeup were relaxing, lazy days. When did I stop getting ready for a productive day?

I wouldn’t dream about going to the office with a bare face. Sure, often I dangerously slapped mascara on haphazardly over last night’s mascara while driving to work on an early conference call (whatever, at least my car has bluetooth), but I put enough on that made me look - and feel - professionally presentable. Now, as someone who browses the internet writes from home for a living, makeup is turning into a special occasion thing.

Just as I cleaned up my act when I found myself avoiding clothing with sizes and zippers in the home “office,” it’s time to turn this make up habit around.  Time to face the day with my game face, even if I’m the only one that sees it during office hours.

But you can count me out of makeup at the gym. I have to draw a personal vanity line somewhere.