The bottle of wine is half full


I don’t know how to say this without sounding like an e-mail forward from my mom, but great friends are those who invite you over for leftover wine.  

It’s rare when a night comes around when the gals find themselves free last minute for a girls night.  Except me, who is super free all the time now.  But when it happens, there is no time to waste.

And what’s more of a waste of time than heading to Whole Foods Trader Joe’s for wine and snacks when there are perfectly good open bottles of wine and just slightly used containers of dip in the refrigerator?

An unopened bottle of wine should really be reserved for serious occasions - like house warming parties, or nights when you already drank the old bottles of wine.  Any “friend” that requires pristine wine is really someone who you should be meeting at a bar for one glass of wine, not having over to your house for girls night.  

Opened bottles of wine are a glorious roulette.  Was that the bottle of wine from dinner two nights ago, or the wine that got stuck in the back of the fridge two weeks ago with all those non-fat greek yogurts I’ve promised myself I’ll eat?  That’s the grand mystery (that you’ll likely figure out immediately after the first sip).   And if it’s totally gross? That’s where the 1/10 full bottles of fruit juice come in: (sort of) Sangria! (See recipe below.)

Yeah - (sort of) Sangria is not a beverage to be consumed by anyone but the very closest of friends.  But those are the only people who should be in your house on a weeknight anyway.  Besides, friends and (sort of) Sangria pair so nicely with a half a tub of Pub Cheese.

Caila’s (sort of) Sangria:


Whatever is left in the bottle(s) of wine/champagne that is too old to comfortably drink
Whatever is left in the bottle(s) of juice/sports drink in the very back of the refrigerator
Whatever fruit looks like it’s going bad soon
Any ice that doesn’t completely taste like garlic 
Optional: Any weird liquor left by a misguided party guest (Yes, they DO still sell Raspberry Smirnoff)
Fancy serving pitcher

Combine the first 5 ingredients in the fancy serving pitcher.  Let sit until everyone has had a few other drinks.  Serve.